Danielle on set of “Come Said the Night”
Welcome to Danielle Harris Online, your only dedicated source for the amazingly talented Danielle Harris. You maybe know her from Rob Zombies Halloween franchise, or maybe even her earlier role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4, Halloween 5. Here at Danielle Harris Online we aim to provide you with up to date information, media, and images to suit your Danielle needs! Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back. You don't wanna miss out! 
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Welcome to Danielle Harris Online, your only dedicated source for the amazingly talented Danielle Harris. You maybe know her from Rob Zombies Halloween franchise, or maybe even her earlier role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4, Halloween 5.Here at Danielle Harris Online we aim to provide you with up to date information, media, and images to suit your Danielle needs! Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back. You don't wanna miss out!
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Danielle’s Closet Cleanout For Charity
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Welcome to DANIELLE HARRIS’ CLOSET CLEANOUT FOR CHARITY !!! Every year I find a charity that touches my heart and with a little creativity and help from my fans and friends, we raise $$$ for INCREDIBLY deserving organizations. For those of you that don’t know, I am an ENORMOUS animal lover and have a serious weakness for animal rescues and this one in particular is doing something that I am extremely passionate about! I myself have only rescued older pound puppies (my Pitbull Thor was 6 and my Lab Sally was 7 when I adopted them) knowing that unfortunately the pups with a gray muzzle are considered “unadoptable” simply because of their age so they are euthanized! Older dogs are the way to go, I swear!!!! SO, recently I stumbled upon the senior dog rescue MUTTVILLE and I think that what its founder Sherri Franklin is doing for senior dogs is just remarkable. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way the world thinks and treats older dogs. Creating better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption, and hospice.
To read more about MUTTVILLE and the wonderful things they do everyday check them out at www.muttville.org or watch this quick video http://www.muttville.org/video

Other ways you can help are donating straight to Muttville on their website, becoming a “Mutt Guardian” for a senior pup for as little as $10 a month, fostering, or the best option yet, ADOPTION!!

My second passion (other than being a “scream queen” of course) is recycling clothes, so while making room in my closet the other day an idea popped into my head…Use clothes to raise $ for MUTTVILLE!!! ALL OF THESE ITEMS BELONG TO ME AND CAME RIGHT OUT OF MY CLOSET. MOST HAVE BEEN WORN TO PREMIERES, IN PHOTOSHOOTS, or just in my everyday life. Once I started talking about how awesome MUTTVILLE was to my other actress friends, they all wanted to clean out their closet for the cause too!!! SO HERES HOW IT GOES…

When you win an item from the auction, we will include an autographed thank you photo from whoevers cool clothing you won to show how much we appreciate your help!!

Thank you all again for your support. It means the world to me.
Most importantly you are saving the lives of pups that have many more years left and SOOOO much more to love to give!! Xoxoxo, D.


Danielle Talks “Hatchet III” & “Among Friends” on Global News
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“Hatchet III” LA Premiere
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Check out some of the coverage from the Hatchet III premiere last week at the Egyptian Theater in LA.

“Dead.tv” Stills
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Check out these awesome new photos of Danielle in the upcoming film Dead.tv where Danielle will be taking on the role of a sheriff. Danielle Harris headlines Dead.tv, an upcoming horror movie that wrapped principal photography in Pennsylvania on September 24. Producer/writer Harrison Smith (The Fields and the upcoming 6 Degrees of Hell) directs Dead.tv in addition to writing and co-producing with Brian Gallagher.

“Shiver” East Coast Premiere at Eerie Horror Film Festival!
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SHIVER will have its East Coast Premiere at the Eerie Horror Film Festival on Friday, October 12, 2012 in Eerie, Pa. at the historic Warner Theatre. Danielle Harris is nominated for Best Actress. You are invited to get the “special shocking clip perk” from the film (featuring Danielle and John Jarratt) at Shiver Indie GoGo Campaign. Go To: http://www.indiegogo.com/SHIVER

We Have Shirts!!
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Yes you read right! We now have Danielle shirts in our store! You guys might want to give Danielle a big hug for making this possible.  Head over to our store by clicking here to pick up your own! We plan on getting more designs soon.

Chicago Get Ready For Among Friends!
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If you live in Chicago it is your lucky day weekend. This Saturday Danielle will be hosting a screening of Among Friends at Flashback Weekend. For more information about the convention check out their site by clicking here!

2011 Opening Of Atrox
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Hey guys, check out the images I put into the gallery of Danielle at the 2011 opening of Atrox. Click the thumbnails above to be redirected to the images.

Danielle Is Looking For Actresses!
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Danielle is putting together an LA crew to begin filming a short that she will be directing. She is in need of some actresses that would be interested in being part of the short. If you think you are talanted enough, send your resume to thehorrorgal@aol.com. Do not send any fanmail to this email, it will be immediately deleted and you will be blocked. Good luck!!

GoreZone Magazine July Scans
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I’ve just scanned the July issue of GoreZone featuring an exclusive interview and photos. I’ve added them to the gallery so make sure to check them out! If you want to buy your own copy of GZ call your local Barnes & Noble! Click the thumbnails above to be redirected to the HQ photos.