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Welcome to Danielle Harris Online, your only dedicated source for the amazingly talented Danielle Harris. You maybe know her from Rob Zombies Halloween franchise, or maybe even her earlier role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4, Halloween 5. Here at Danielle Harris Online we aim to provide you with up to date information, media, and images to suit your Danielle needs! Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back. You don't wanna miss out! 
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Welcome to Danielle Harris Online, your only dedicated source for the amazingly talented Danielle Harris. You maybe know her from Rob Zombies Halloween franchise, or maybe even her earlier role as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4, Halloween 5.Here at Danielle Harris Online we aim to provide you with up to date information, media, and images to suit your Danielle needs! Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back. You don't wanna miss out!
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Danielle to Host ‘Girl on Girl’ for GeekNation
Published by: · Date: 2015/03/19· Filed Under: New Project, News, TV Appearance

GeekNation told us today via Twitter that the first episode of Girl on Girl with Danielle Harris will begin shooting next week and is expected to start airing in April. UPDATE 2/27/15: Danielle Tweeted us tonight that she is “shooting now”!

Danielle Harris will host the show, in which she “gets up close and personal with her female guests, who make up the strongest, baddest, and best women from their industries. From film-makers to actresses to athletes, join Danielle as she goes beyond the make up to find the women behind the glitz and glam.”


Watch Danielle on Naked Vegas Before It Airs!
Published by: · Date: 2013/10/29· Filed Under: TV Appearance, Video

Danielle Hosting new E! Special “Hollywood Death Trip” on October 24th!
Published by: · Date: 2013/10/17· Filed Under: News, TV Appearance

Save the date! October 24th catch Danielle hosting Hollywood Death Trip on E!

“Hollywood Death Trip,” Dearly Departed Tours founder Scott Michaels, takes Danielle Harris, a modern day scream queen and actress (“Halloween,” “Halloween II,” “Hallows’ Eve”), on a special tour of the city’s most disturbing death sites while offering new insight into the unfortunate events that took place.


“Bones” Screencaps
Published by: · Date: 2013/04/02· Filed Under: Photos, TV Appearance

Hopefully you got the chance to see Danielle’s episode of Bones! If not don’t worry because you can catch it on Demand or you can catch it on Bones official site next week!

Danielle Lands Guest Role on “Bones”!
Published by: · Date: 2013/02/28· Filed Under: TV Appearance

Danielle posted that she will be guest starring on an episode of Bones! We don’t have any information on the episode but once we hear more we will keep you updated!

@halloweengal: Back on tv bitches!!! Just for one episode tho, but I’m working on “Bones” today:)

“Nuclear Family” Now On An Xbox Near You!!
Published by: · Date: 2012/10/01· Filed Under: TV Appearance

The time has finally come! You can now catch Danielle on your nearest Xbox. Just download the Syfy app and you can watch the full 20 episode series of Nuclear Family. If you don’t have an Xbox don’t worry, starting October 15 you will be able to catch it On Demand!

“Nuclear Family” Exclusively on Xbox Live October 1!
Published by: · Date: 2012/09/27· Filed Under: Movies, TV Appearance

NUCLEAR FAMILY, launches Monday October 1 as a 20 episode series — exclusively on XBOX Live. For more information click here.


Danielle On Holliston: Weekend of Horrors
Published by: · Date: 2012/05/09· Filed Under: Photos, TV Appearance, Video

Did you miss Danielle on last nights episode of Holliston? Well don’t worry we have you covered! Check out the clip and images above.

Danielle To Guest-Star On New Sitcom “Holliston”
Published by: · Date: 2012/01/10· Filed Under: New Project, TV Appearance

Tony Todd (Candyman), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Part VII), Danielle Harris (Halloween 4), director John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), and a slew of other horror-movie veterans will guest on FEARnet‘s Holliston, a new sitcom created by Hatchet filmmaker Adam Green.

The show, which debuts April 3, stars Green and his fellow real-life gore-teur Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, the forthcoming Knights of Badassdom) as a pair of cable-station employees who dream of becoming horror directors. Other guests on the show’s first season include Derek Mears (2009?s Friday the 13th remake), Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), and Ray Wise (Swamp Thing, Twin Peaks).

Holliston will regularly feature Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, who plays Green and Lynch’s boss, and Oderus Urungus from the band GWAR, who essays a version of himself. “He lives in my closet and only I can see him,” says Green of Urungus’ role on the show. “He comes out from time to time to give me advice on whatever that week’s dilemma is. It’s always the worst possible advice somebody could give.


Danielle’s Episode Of “Paranormal Challenge” Airs Friday September 9th!
Published by: · Date: 2011/08/29· Filed Under: Photos, TV Appearance

Danielle is a guest on the next episode of Paranormal Challenge that airs Friday September 9th at 11pm eastern time on the Travel Channel. I’ve added some behind the scene photos from the episode. Click the thumbnails above to be redirected to the images!